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P1.875-D0.8mDome shape LED Display

P1.875-D0.8mDome shape LED Display

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Key words:

Dome shape led display

Indoor decorations

led display

perimeter LED display


Product Details

  • Product description
  • Specification
    • Commodity name: P1.875-D0.8mDome shape LED Display
    • Commodity ID: 081

    P1.875-D0.8mDome shape LED Display

    The spherical crown LED display screen is an LED display product with high appearance, high performance and high quality that uses advanced LED technology and innovative design concepts. It has the following characteristics:

    It can automatically adjust the size and proportion of the image based on the viewer's position and angle, maintaining the authenticity and consistency of the image. No matter how far or close you are from the screen, you can see a suitable, comfortable and beautiful picture.

    It can display high-definition, high-brightness, high-contrast, and high-color images with good visual effects and impact. It can restore rich, delicate and bright colors, giving you visual enjoyment.

    It can adjust the curvature and radian of the screen to achieve different display effects according to different occasions and needs. It can take on different shapes such as round, oval, spherical, etc. to adapt to different spaces and environments.

    Our spherical crown LED screen has been developed and tested for many years, using high-quality materials and processes to ensure the stability and durability of the product. We also provide professional installation and maintenance services to ensure you have worry-free use.

    Application scenarios

    Exhibitions: Spherical LED screens can be used to display images or videos of various themes and contents, attracting the audience's attention and interest, and increasing the interactivity and interest of the exhibition.

    Museum: The spherical LED screen can be used to display knowledge and information on history, culture, science, etc., allowing the audience to feel the immersive effect and improving the educational and entertainment value of the museum.

    Theme Park: The dome LED screen can be used to display various fantasy, thrilling, and exciting scenes and stories, allowing the audience to feel creativity and surprise, and increasing the attraction and competitiveness of the theme park.

  • Model


    Pixel pitch


    LED lamp


    Pixel Qty(dot/sqm)

    284000 dots/

    Scan number

    1/41scanning, constant current

    Module size(W×H)


    Module resolution


    Module Type


    Cabinet size(mm)


    Minimum viewing distance


    Viewing angle(H/V)


    White balance brightness


    Gray scale

    14 bit, 8192steps

    Refresh rate


    Maintenance way

    front service

    Cabinet Material


    Total display size(W×H)


    Total Resolution(W×H)

    x ?pixel

    Total Net Weight


    Total Gross weight(by plywood case)


    Packing size(L×W×H)CM


    Input Voltage


    Max. Power


    Working temperature

    -25to +70

    Working humidity


    Protection Level

    front: IP31      back: IP34

    Life span


    LED malfunction rate



    > 10.000 hours

    Display mode

    Synchronous with video source

    Input signal type



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