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  • p2.5-直径3.98米-2.98米高度1米全彩LED显示屏圆锥屏圆锥LED显示屏漏斗屏漏斗LED显示屏异形屏异形LED显示屏定制屏定制LED显示屏2.jpg

P2.5-H1mCone shape led display

P2.5-H1mCone shape led display

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customized LED display


Creative LED display

Cone shape led display

indoor LED display

special shape LED display

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Product Details

  • Product description
  • Specification
    • Commodity name: P2.5-H1mCone shape led display
    • Commodity ID: 070

    P2.5-H1mCone shape led display

    The cone-shaped LED screen is a special-shaped screen made of multiple LED modules. It can produce cone shapes with various arcs and heights according to different needs and scenarios, which has strong visual impact and creativity. ,The advantages of cone-shaped LED screens are as follows:

    It can achieve a 360-degree all-round display effect. No matter which angle you look at, you can see clear, bright and smooth pictures, which is suitable for attracting people's attention in shopping malls, exhibitions, stages and other places.

    It can adjust the height and curvature of the cone according to different contents and themes to create different visual effects, such as simulating natural landscapes such as volcanoes, fountains, and flowers, or displaying business information such as brand LOGO, product features, event information, etc.

    It can be combined with lighting, music, dance and other elements to create dynamic and artistic performances and displays, increasing audience participation and interactivity.

    Application scenarios

    Mall atrium. The cone-shaped LED screen can be hung in the atrium of the mall. As a focus to attract customers, it can display the mall's brand image, promotional activities, holiday blessings and other content. It can also be matched with the mall's decoration and lighting to create different Atmosphere and theme.

    exhibition hall. The cone-shaped LED screen can be used as a highlight of the exhibition hall to display the theme, introduction, highlights and other content of the exhibition. It can also be combined with exhibits and scenes to show different perspectives and effects, increasing the attraction and participation of the exhibition. feel.

    stage performance. The cone-shaped LED screen can be used as a prop for stage performances to display the background, plot, special effects and other content of the performance. It can also be coordinated with actors and music to create dynamic and artistic performances and displays.

  • Model


    Pixel pitch


    LED lamp


    Pixel Qty(dot/sqm)

    160000 dots/

    Scan number

    1/32 scanning , constant current  

    Module size(W×H)


    Module resolution


    Module Type

    4 pcs

    Cabinet size(mm)


    Minimum viewing distance


    Viewing angle(H/V)


    White balance brightness


    Gray scale

    14 bit, 8192steps

    Refresh rate


    Maintenance way

    front service

    Cabinet Material


    Total display size(W×H)


    Total Resolution(W×H)


    Total Net Weight


    Total Gross weight(by plywood case)


    Packing size(L×W×H)CM


    Input Voltage


    Max. Power


    Working temperature

    -25to +70

    Working humidity


    Protection Level

    front: IP31     back: IP34

    Life span


    LED malfunction rate



    > 10.000 hours

    Display mode

    Synchronous with video source

    Input signal type



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