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P1.875-D1.5m sphere LED display

P1.875-D1.5m sphere LED display

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    • Commodity name: P1.875-D1.5m sphere LED display
    • Commodity ID: 009999

    P1.875-D1.5m sphere LED display

    Spherical LED display is a new type of display device with the following characteristics.

    First of all, the spherical LED display has the characteristics of 360-degree *** display. It is designed with a spherical structure, which can clearly display images and text at any angle. This kind of *** display ability makes the spherical LED display can play its advantages in various occasions, whether indoor or outdoor, can provide high-quality image display.

    Secondly, the spherical LED display has the characteristics of high brightness and high contrast. It uses advanced LED technology to provide bright, clear displays in a variety of environments. Whether day or night, spherical LED displays are capable of displaying vivid, lifelike images and videos.

    In addition, the spherical LED display has a good viewing angle. It adopts wide-angle LED lamp beads, which can provide clear image display in a larger area. No matter which angle you look at, you can get good visuals without image distortion or color changes.

    The structure of the spherical LED display is mainly composed of two spheres, inside and outside. The inner sphere is the main display, usually composed of hundreds of small LED modules, which can be combined into different shapes and sizes to adapt to different occasions. The outer sphere is used to protect the inner sphere and is usually made of transparent material so that the viewer can view the content on the display from all angles.

    Spherical LED displays can usually be controlled by the network or computer, and can realize the dynamic display of images, videos and text. It is widely used in stadiums, squares, shopping malls, exhibitions and other occasions, and can be used to display event information, advertising, art performances and other content.

    In short, spherical LED display with its unique *** display ability, high brightness and contrast, good viewing angle and other characteristics, has become an important part of modern display technology, bringing people a more vivid and realistic visual experience.

  • Model


    Pixel pitch


    LED lamp


    Pixel Qty(dot/sqm)


    Scan number

    1/32 scanning, constant current

    Module size(W×H)


    Module resolution


    Module Type


    Cabinet size(mm)


    Minimum viewing distance


    Viewing angle(H/V)


    White balance brightness


    Gray scale

    14 bit, 8192steps

    Refresh rate


    Maintenance way

    front service

    Cabinet Material


    Total display size(W×H)


    Total Resolution(W×H)

    ?x ?pixel

    Total Net Weight


    Total Gross weight(by plywood case)


    Packing size(L×W×H)CM


    Input Voltage


    Max. Power


    Working temperature

    -25to +70

    Working humidity


    Protection Level


    Life span


    LED malfunction rate



    > 10.000 hours

    Display mode

    Synchronous with video source

    Input signal type



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