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Why should you choose an outdoor spherical screen? 5 advantages of choosing an outdoor spherical screen


【News Summary】In the era of intelligent experience, more and more enterprises and individuals have begun to use outdoor spherical screens. Outdoor spherical screens are more convenient to use than traditional flat screens, and they have many advantages, such as flexible design, simple installation, wider viewing angle, better noise resistance, farther viewing distance, and stronger weather resistance. Here's the specific introduction:







Third, the viewing angle is wider:

The outdoor spherical screen has a wider viewing angle, and you can see the content on the screen from multiple perspectives, so that more people can see the content you want to show at the same time.


Outdoor spherical screens have better noise resistance, and they have high-quality waterproof, dustproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion and other functions, so that they can operate normally in harsh environments without external interference.

5. Viewing distance is farther:

Outdoor spherical screens have a farther viewing distance and can be viewed over long distances, and their resolution is higher to achieve a clearer picture effect.

Sixth, the wind and rain resistance is stronger:

Finally, outdoor spherical screens are more resistant to wind and rain, they have a high level of weatherproof function, can resist a variety of bad weather, such as rainy days, strong winds, blizzards, etc., so as to ensure the normal use of the screen.