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P2.5-D2.2m sphere LED display

P2.5-D2.2m sphere LED display

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Sphere LED Display



creative led display

special shape LED display


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    • Commodity name: P2.5-D2.2m sphere LED display
    • Commodity ID: P2.5-D2.2m

    P2.5-D2.2m sphere LED display

    Spherical LED display is an innovative advertising display equipment, and its unique spherical design provides the best advertising effect for events and exhibitions. Whether indoor or outdoor, spherical LED displays are able to attract people's attention and become an eye-catching focus.

    The exhibition is an important platform for enterprises to display their products and services to the public. At the show, exhibitors are vying to grab the attention of their visitors to showcase their uniqueness. Spherical LED display has obvious advantages in such occasions. Its spherical design allows it to display advertising content from multiple angles, making it easy for viewers to see the message no matter where they are. Moreover, the brightness and color saturation of the spherical LED display are very high, which can attract more visitors to stop and interact with exhibitors.

    Event rental is a very popular way of advertising. Many businesses and organizations hold various forms of events, such as product launches, celebrations, exhibitions, and more. The spherical LED display can be one of the highlights of these activities, providing a more vivid and interesting atmosphere for the event. Whether indoors or outdoors, spherical LED displays are able to attract the attention of participants and convey advertising messages to more people.

    Advertising is the core of corporate publicity and promotion. Traditional forms of advertising often fail to meet the needs of modern people for innovation and personalization. As a new type of advertising display equipment, spherical LED display can help enterprises achieve more unique and eye-catching advertising effects. Its spherical design and high-brightness LED screen make the advertising information more eye-catching and vivid, attracting the attention of more audiences. Moreover, the spherical LED display also has a variety of display methods, which can display various forms of advertising content, such as pictures, videos, etc. This gives businesses more ideas and possibilities to better communicate their brand image and values.

    In short, spherical LED display has an important position and role in exhibitions and event rentals. Its unique design and high-brightness LED screen make the advertising information more vivid and attractive, which can help enterprises stand out in the fierce market competition. Whether it is displaying products or promoting services, spherical LED displays can provide very good publicity effects for enterprises.

  • Model


    Pixel pitch


    LED lamp


    Pixel Qty(dot/sqm)


    Scan number

    1/32 scanning, constant current

    Module size(W×H)


    Module resolution


    Module Type


    Cabinet size(mm)


    Minimum viewing distance


    Viewing angle(H/V)


    White balance brightness


    Gray scale

    14 bit, 8192steps

    Color number


    Refresh rate


    Maintenance way

    front service

    Cabinet Material


    Total display size(W×H)


    Total Resolution(W×H)

    ?x ?pixel

    Total Net Weight


    Total Gross weight(by plywood case)


    Packing size(L×W×H)CM


    Input Voltage


    Max. Power


    Working temperature

    -25to +70

    Working humidity


    Protection Level


    Life span


    LED malfunction rate



    > 10.000 hours

    Display mode

    Synchronous with video source

    Input signal type



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